Meet the Art Girls

Nancy Gardner Ceramics began in the late 80's in a storefront in Wicker Park.  At that time, Nancy and her husband Burt Isenstein wanted a business that would be family friendly and flexible, so it was a mostly wholesale operation in the beginning.  Nancy's had a vision for a line of pottery that was useful, but also quirky, colorful and full of personality, and that has informed the work through the years since.  The clay is red earthenware with underglaze and glaze which is food safe.  All pots are handbuilt and painted in the small studio in the garden in Oak Park, Il.  

Nancy has always found inspiration in textiles, folk art, painting and nature.  The history of Ceramics provides endless inspiration, and in her travels she is always seeking museums with ceramic collections.

These days Nancy and Burt travel all over for shows, while maintaining some galleries and shops that carry her work.  Nancy has been working in clay for over 40 years and has no intention of quitting any time soon.  She also does cross fit and will of course recommend it vociferously to anyone who asks (or doesn't).  Oh, and there is the rock and roll band that is a dream come true. 

In Chicago Art Girls, Nancy is the chair of the Marketing and Branding committee, a position that she is entirely unqualified for but likes anyway.  Like all Chicago Art Girls, she is an enthusiast and loves her girls.

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nice post

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